Top 10 Reasons I Love Being a Latter-Day Saint

Posted by Mike Brown on Thu, Feb 27 2014 14:51:00

10. Truth is stranger than fiction – and it is beautiful!
9. Gospel is Restored, and Real Prophets Exist Again!
8. Independence, Preparation, Practicality
7. Saved by grace… after all that we can do
6. Focus on the Family
5. I am a Child of God (Children’s Song)
4. Kool-Aid - best drink ever!
3. He who has eyes to see, let him see.
2. It makes bad men good and good men better
1. It is where God has Revealed His Plan for Salvation and Happiness

About this list… 

Maybe there is no life after this and the atheists have it right. But even if they are right, what do I lose by choosing to live this way? I have found this church to be very successful at helping both me and so many other members live enlightened, happy, clean, practical, and productive lives. If it isn't true, I don't care, because I doubt I'll ever find anything better than this. But I am quite confident it actually is the truth. Here are 10 reasons I am absolutely thrilled to be anchored to the Rock of Christ as revealed through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

What is Real!

Posted by Mike Brown on Sat, Jan 07 2012 00:45:00

The world is flooded with things that consume the time of our lives. What of it is truly useful and important - REAL vs. just real? It’s like we are in a “plastic world", but will we be content to live "Ken and Barbie plastic lives"? Will we learn as Pinocchio did what it takes to become "a Real Person"? Will we be found with God, or against God?

  • “What is Real?” 1: Science, facts, pursuits - what is "capital R" Real?
  • “What is Real?” 2: The War in Heaven rages on Earth, and is Real.
  • “What is Real?” 3: What is NOT Real.

Salt Lake Temple

Posted by Mike Brown on Wed, Dec 07 2011 14:24:00

Salt Lake Temple

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The Perfect Financial Storm

Posted by Mike Brown on Wed, Dec 07 2011 11:26:00

Is America bankrupt? Is the world? Could a Great or even Mega-Depression be part of the near future? If so, might the Second Coming of Christ be fast approaching?  Red-states, blue-states – it’s a verbal Civil War!  Will the nation split in two? Or ten?  There are many mega-trends of wickedness in motion, and there are potential triggers that could initiate a series of catastrophes that could rival any challenges of the last century.


  • Part 1: Why Global Warming is the Least of our Worries
  • Part 2: Essence of the Perfect Financial Storm
  • Part 3: Potential outcomes of the Perfect Financial Storm
  • Part 4: Preparation for the Perfect Financial Storm
  • Part 5: Spiritual preparation for the storm