Support the Republic, Support Vouchers!

Posted by Mike Brown on Fri, Dec 25 2009 17:00:00

Letter to Editor, submitted to Deseret News Oct 20, 2007: Trust Legislature, Support Vouchers

Even the most informed among us do not have the luxury to study every issue to make well reasoned choices.  The uninformed are even more likely to support the catchiest phrase.   "Full of flaws," oh no, be scared.  Try this principled gem: "The only thing we have to fear is..."  Our founders knew that Statesmen should represent us with a mandate to study and make informed decisions. Our legislature and governor did just that, concluding that this is worth a try.  They will correct flaws as they’re revealed.  We must experiment or we’ll never find a better way.  If you feel you don’t know enough to decide, then please refrain from second-guessing your own representatives!   “Have no fear”, and vote for vouchers!  Don’t abandon the Republic for sound-bite Democracy, or education may be the least of our worries.

That was the letter.  It’s really more about believing that a Republic is superior to a Democracy, in which decisions are made by the uninformed.  Democracy is the de facto condition in America due to governance by poll, referendums, cowardly politicians, well funded sound bites, and by allowing every adult regardless of their morals or intellect to vote (which means those who have suppressed their concience or don’t know better will vote to put a gun to their more prosperous neighbor’s head and steal so they can have “free programs”).  Recall the Greek democracy voted to kill Plato! 

This is also much of the reason the Founding Fathers only wanted people with property to vote.  The uninformed and easily swayed should not be running the country, and they’re easy to find because they rarely have any significant income or net worth.