The Perfect Financial Storm

Posted by Mike Brown on Wed, Dec 07 2011 11:26:00

Is America bankrupt? Is the world? Could a Great or even Mega-Depression be part of the near future? If so, might the Second Coming of Christ be fast approaching?  Red-states, blue-states – it’s a verbal Civil War!  Will the nation split in two? Or ten?  There are many mega-trends of wickedness in motion, and there are potential triggers that could initiate a series of catastrophes that could rival any challenges of the last century.


  • Part 1: Why Global Warming is the Least of our Worries
  • Part 2: Essence of the Perfect Financial Storm
  • Part 3: Potential outcomes of the Perfect Financial Storm
  • Part 4: Preparation for the Perfect Financial Storm
  • Part 5: Spiritual preparation for the storm